7 Outfits to Inspire Your Week(end)

Photos via Pinterest


Let’s be honest, the weekend is the favorite time of the week for many people (groundbreaking, I know). And who can we blame? It is good to have a day off every once in a while. If you have plans to go out, or to stay at home watching Netflix, or planning the next week, let me save you fashion-wise with some fashion inspiration (no matter where you live).

Who said you need to wear sandals during summer? Loafers, sneakers and mules are also amazing choices of footwear for the boiling days. Just remember to pair them with lighter clothes. T-Shirts and jeans are an amazing go-to during any season; but if you want to take a fancier spin to the classic couple, go for a beautiful large tank top and high waisted dark denim. If you still want to wear a beautiful long sleeved shirt (or any other kind of top) miniskirts can help update your outfit.

If you live in the [currently] colder side of the globe, tailored pieces are a good call. To run away to that boring office look we became so used to seeing on the streets, choose pieces with a more interesting shape. Paper bag waist pants goes really well with cropped jackets, and oversized and long blazers make the look more 2018s. If you want a more casual outfit, pair it with a flat shoe, like mules or loafers.


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