#MusicalMonday: Lady Gaga, AWOLNATION and more Lady Gaga

I skiped one week, but I’m back. When it comes to music, I’ve basically been listening to the soundtrack of A Star is Born and all the other songs listed below.

Nile Rodgers & Chic – I Want Your Love (feat. Lady Gaga)

In 2016 Lady Gaga released the video of I Want Your Love (above) in partnership with Tom Ford. The fashion film was Ford’s way to show his SS16 collection. Fast foward to 2018 and Gaga releases a remix of the song with Nile Rodgers and Chic.

Lady Gaga & Bradley Cooper – Shallow

The soundtrack of A Star is Born is AMAZING! At this moment it is impossible for me to choose only one song. If, for some reason, you haven’t listened to it already, put your headphone now and go appreaciate this musical heaven!

Shallow is the most famous song from the movie (which I really want to watch), but there are many others that will suit many tastes.

AWOLNATION feat. Elohim – Table for One

There are few things that makes my ears more happy than when two of my favorite musicians work together. AWOLNATION reccently released a version of the song Table For One featuring Elohim. And it is really good. I’ve listned to it at least 5 times today.

Woodkid & Louis Garrel – L’aérogramme de Los Angeles

You might not know Woodkid, but you probbably know his work. Besides being a singer/ songwriter, he is also a music video director. In April he released L’aérogramme de Los Angeles in partnership with Louis Garrel, a famous french actor from a family of famous french actors and directors.

DVBBS & CMC$ feat. Happy Sometimes – Parallel Lines

I really like playlists, and they are definetelly one of my favorite parts from streaming services. I found Parallel Lines, by DVBBS abd CMC$, in one of the playlists suggestted for me, and it instantly became one of my favorites.



Bon Jovi – Livin’ On a Prayer

Bon Jovi is classic, and probably one of the many bands/ artists people don’t expect me to enjoy. Livin’ on a Prayer is one of their most famous songs and one of my favorties. And apparently it is also a favorite from my cellphone, afterall this is the song that keep playing everytime I press shuffle.


  • Which of these songs is your favorite? Let me know what you’ve been loving to listen to lately… xoxo

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