Review: Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Concealer

For years I heard great things about Maybelline’s Instant Age Rewind. But, for some reason, I never bought it until this year. I’ve been wearing it almost daily for about six months now, so I really feel comfortable in saying this product is worth the hype.

My color is called fair and is the second lightest color in the USA shade range and the lightest in Brazil. Seeing this difference in the amount of colors between Maybelline USA and Maybelline Brazil remembered me of my main issus when buying the brand’s skin products. I have very pale skin, especially for the Brazilian standard. (And I know I’m not the only Snow White in this country) Is difficult for me to buy drugstore or more affordable foundations, concealers or powders because brands don’t usually make my color, and when they do the products tend to oxidize. So I end up looking more tanned, or like a walking Cheetos.

I understand if a small Brazilian brand doesn’t do a concealer that matches my skin tone. I don’t why a brand as big as Maybelline, that clearly has the technology, pigments and money doesn’t do so, especially in a country as diverse as Brazil.

But this definitely not a problem only for Brazilian Snow Whites, but also for the Tianas. I noticed that in both the USA and mainly the Brazilian website, the colors seem… basic. My impressions from the photos is that the darker shades also don’t go dark enough.

And you might be wondering why I’m comparing the American with the Brazilian website. Well, I bought the concealer in Miami. Because I felt more comfortable about finding the right color there.

Before we move on for the good stuff about the concealer, let me rant a little bit more. But this time it is a little more superfluous.

When reapplying I feel like the product clings to the lines underneath my eyes. Also, anytime I need to get more product out of the tube, it either comes out way too much or way too little. And, just because I like everything to be organized, the lid gets dirty very quickly. So I keep cleaning it.

But taking off the color issue, this is a really good product. It has light to medium coverage, it feels light on the skin and lasts for hours. It is also very easy to apply and to blend, and it doesn’t oxidize. Yay. I feel like I hit jackpot.

And to finish this rant review, the question I ask myself before recommending any product. Would I buy it again? Yes. I think this is a really good and affordable everyday concealer.

If you want to see how I incorporate this product on my makeup routine, check out this video!


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