Quick Review: Milani Color Statement Lipstick

Five years ago I bought a bright red lipstick from a brand that, until that moment, I haven’t heard of. I quickly became a fan of it because it looked “expensive” but was actually very affordable. Surprisingly though, it took me five years to purchase another one of those lipsticks. And, of course, it was also red.

My appreciation of Milani’s lipstick is not new and it has only grown in the past years. It is an affordable product that looks (and feels) really nice on the lips. No, this is not a sponsored post (even though I wish it was), is just me honestly talking about a product I appreciate.

The color I picked this time was 07 Best Red, which is a little deeper bright matte red. Matte formula usually lasts longer on the lips because they are dry. But on me this lipstick lasted even longer than usual, it stayed intact even after eating. It did fade eventually, but this was after six to seven hours that involved a meal and snacks.

From my experience as a bright lipstick fan and almost daily wearer of red ones, it is not always easy to reapply them. On the first application the color runs smoothly on the lips and stays inside the lines. On the second application the color is more rebellious and goes wherever it wants. But this didn’t happen when I reapplied this lipstick, it ran smoothly just like the first time.

Before recommending any product I tried, I like to ask myself: Would I buy it again? For the Milani Lipstick is a yes. It is such a yes that… I actually did buy it again.


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