5 Podcasts to Listen Right Now

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I never thought I would say this, but this year I became a regular podcast listener. Blame it on Spotify, or my love for information.

I don’t have a specific topic I like to listen about. Spotify’s algorithm is proof of that, one day it offers me politics, on the other is psychology, and suddenly is the day of history. Literally.

I’m always searching for new podcasts. And, judging by my acquaintance’s stories, I’m not the only one. One of my favorite ways to discover new ones is by typing the name of a person I admire and see if someone interviewed them. But I also found some through Buzzfeed lists or Instagram. But one thing I feel about those lists is that they are way too long, and I get confused or forget to search the podcasts. And Instagram is…well…Instagram.  

And that’s why I decided to make my own list with five of my favorite podcasts right now. Just so I can send the link every time someone asks for a suggestion, and maybe help other fellow podcast lovers.

  • The Economist Asks

The Economist is an amazing British magazine, but I didn’t expect to love so much their podcast. But I do. And I dare say this is one of my favorite podcasts right now. Every Friday they release a new episode, usually with around thirty minutes, where Anne McElvoy, the host, interviews someone. They don’t stick to a specific topic, and that’s what I like about it. And I think that’s what make it so rich. Some of their recent guests were Margaret Atwood and Anna Wintour, so this might be another reason.

My favorite episode so far is actually the one with Anna Wintour. I personally think this is an episode that you should listen, even if you don’t like fashion.

  • Girlboss Radio

Girlboss Radio was actually the first podcast I ever listened too, years ago. It is hosted by Sophia Amoruso and Neha Gandhi, the CEO and founder and COO of Girlboss, respectively. Every week one of them interviews a professionally successful woman, and they talk about career, how to build a business and personal experience.

I was in doubt if I would add this podcast to the list, but I listen to it every week and it has been years.

  • The Business of Fashion Podcast

The Business of Fashion is one of my favorite fashion websites. But you can only read a few of their articles a month without needing a subscription. So, I was very happy to find out that they have a (free access) podcast, and happier that it didn’t disappoint. On the podcast, someone from the BOF crew interviews someone else that works in fashion.

  • Modern Love by wbur and The New York Times

Modern Love is different from all the other podcasts in this list because it focuses on storytelling. Each episode a top actor reads a different short story about love, loss and redemption. Some of their past guests includes Amanda Seyfried, Natasha Lyonne, and Isabelle Huppert. By the way, The New York Times has other nice podcasts, I just promised myself to not talk politics on the internet.

  • La Poudre

La Poudre is a French podcast hosted by Lauren Bastide. They are currently on a break (but it will come back soon), but usually they post two episodes every month. In each episode Lauren interviews an inspiring woman about their childhood and career. The podcast is in French, but recently they release an interview with Gloria Steinem in English.

  • What podcasts have you been listening to recently? Tell us in the comments, and help other podcast lovers!

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