Last Minute Christmas Gift Guide

We have less than a week until Christmas (shocking!). If you already finished all the Christmas shopping, congrats! But if you’re a regular person and bought nothing, and have no idea what to buy, here are some ideas.

Since the best holiday of the year is days away, it is better to buy the gifts in brick and mortar stores, unless you know the retailer and trusts that they will deliver the product on time.

For the fashion lover

If you need a gift for someone who loves fashion, but has no idea what size they are, coffee books are a great idea. They not only have information and photos relating to the subject, but also work as decoration.

For the beauty junkie

For the beauty junkies, there is nothing better than makeup and skincare. If you want to gift them one of the two, go for beautiful and expensive products (if you can!). When it comes to skincare, it is better to go for gadgets like the Foreo Luna, since you don’t know the specificities of the person’s skin.

Not that shallow

There probably is someone in your family (or that you know) that despises the shallowness of fashion and beauty. They consider themselves to be the smartest person in the room, and to be very deep and an example to be followed. But they finished their last book in 2017 and it was The Notebook. Or something on how to become a millionaire by only working four hours a day. For those people I think is nice to give a kind of ironic gift, like a book that is actually interesting and not shallow.

For the tech obsessed

If you want to please a tech obsessed this Christmas, your budget will need to be a bit high. But if an iPhone 11 Pro is still on your personal wishlist, an Alexa Echo can be an awesome spy gift. A DEEBOT can also be a good option, specially if your friend is not the cleanest.  

Do I know?

Every family has that one random person that falls in one of the following categories:

  1. Has 0 personality. A townie in The Sims 4 Base Game is more interesting than them.
  2. Is literally a random person. It can be that cousin you only know through Facebook, or your brother’s fifth girlfriend in five months.

In this situation, is better to give very bland things, like a Netflix gift card, or some cute pens. But only if you have gifts for even your neighbors’ dog or is very close to them. Otherwise you don’t need to give anything to Summer Holiday.


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