Best Dressed from the Grammy 2020

As it was already previously said, the Grammys are in a rut. Last years things started to get better with that Cardi B moment, but this year… it not only went straight back to that rut, it also reached what is (hopefully) peak puberty.

For those who don’t know, Taylor Swift allegedly refused to attend the ceremony after the scandal involving the Recording Academy. Not blaming her, it was nice and on-brand to see her do something like this.

But coming back to fashion, it was boring. For the first time ever in the history of red carpets, the outfits from male artist were more interesting than the ones from the female artists. Also, can stylist tell their clients that it might not be the best of ideas for their clients to wear clothes from that brand that cannot be named?

So here are some ok/ pretty outfits from the night. Also known as the best dressed.

Photos: Getty Images


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