Podcasts to Listen Right Now

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It is great to listen to some music when you commute, workout or live your life in general. But in the past years podcasts have been gaining popularity and showing that it is a great thing to listen to on what could be “dead time” (like spending hours on traffic or public transportation).

If you listen to podcasts on Spotify, you probably know their algorithm is not the greatest when it comes to recommendations. And finding good podcasts can be quite a job without reliable recommendations. So, here are some reliable recommendations.


Fashion No Filter

Language: English

Fashion no filter is hosted by Camille Charriere and Monica Ainley and it focus on the behind the scenes of luxury fashion.

Fashionvictims pod

Language: English

Fashionvictims pod is hosted by Luke Meagher (from HauteLeMode) and fashion historian Darnell Jamal and it focuses on fashion news and gossip.

The Business of Fashion Podcast

Language: English

The Business of Fashion Podcast is the podcast from the website of the same name.

High Low

Language: Portuguese

High Low is hosted by Olívia Merquior and Isabel Junqueira and talks about who makes, thinks and loves fashion.


Modern Love

Language: English

Modern Love is the podcast version of the popular New York Times column, which also became a book and a Prime series.

The High Low

Language: English

The High Low is hosted by Pandora Sykes and Dolly Alderton, and, in theory, they talk about pop culture and news. In practice, they talk about everything except Brexit.

Dolly Parton’s America

Language: English

Dolly Parton’s America is hosted by Jad Abumrad. It is a 12 part journey through Dollyverse.


Don’t Blame Me

Language: English

Don’t Blame me is hosted by Meghan Rienks and (occasionally) Melissa D. Monts. Even though most of the advices given are love-life related, they also talk a little about everything.


The Economist Asks

Language: English

The Economist Asks is hosted by Anne McElvoy and produced by The Economist. Anne and team interview people from multiple industries (from Margaret Atwood to Michael Bloomberg) and talks about multiple topics.

Novo Normal

Language: Portuguese

Novo Normal is a podcast from Agora É Que São Elas in partnership with Spotify. They invite women with different political views to talk about current popular themes in Brazil and worldwide.

La Poudre

Language: French

La Poudre is hosted by Lauren Bastide, and it is a feminist podcast. Lauren interviews inspiring women (like Gloria Steinem) about their childhood and career.  

Girlboss Radio

Language: English

Girlboss Radio is hosted by Sophia Amoruso, who interviews women on how to grow a business and build a successful career.


The Daily

Language: English

The Daily is hosted by Michael Barbaro, and it is a daily news podcast made by The New York Times.

Café da Manhã

Language: Portuguese

Café da Manhã is hosted by Rodrigo Vizeu and Magê Flores, and it is the daily news podcast from Folha de São Paulo in partnership with Spotify.

Please tell us what podcasts you like to listen (no matter the language!) and help us update this list!


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