Interesting Things to Read this Week

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As you might be aware by now, I love reading. I love reading books, blogs, news, articles… basically anything with words I can understand. Since Sea of Fleurs was first created as a way of me sharing things I love, I thought it might be nice if I also shared with you some of the pieces of writing I’ve found interesting.  

I Married a Plant and Found Myself – Elle Magazine

I first clicked on this story because of the title, and stayed because of the story.

What’s the Point of a Fashion Magazine Now? – The New York Times

This piece explore what fashion magazines are currently and should/ will need to do now and in the near future due to the pandemic. I’ve been asking myself this question ever since that virus started to spread outside of China. Fashion is magical and can be an amazing source of distraction from the current situation, but it still feels weird talking about it when we can’t get out of our houses and there are thousands of people dying everyday due to an illness. Also, to create those beautiful editorials, photographers, models, and a whole crew usually travels abroad, which is something that is not happening right now. And it takes months to put the whole edition of a magazine together.

Ok, Fashion. What Happens Now in the Coronavirus Pandemic? – Harper’s Bazaar

The difference between this piece and the one from The New York Times, is that it focuses more on the garment side and less on the press.

How a TV Sitcom Triggered the Downfall of Western Civilization – Observer

This piece analyses how the way Ross Geller is treated by his F.R.I.E.N.D.S. worked as a sign that being an intellectual got out of fashion. Even though I agree with part of this analyses, I still don’t like Ross. But please believe in “nerd things” like vaccines and that the Earth is spherical.

COVID-19 could forever change how we travel—for better or worse – Fast Company

Have you ever wondered what the world will look like after this pandemic? Yeah, me too.

The Strange Persistence of First Languages – Nautilus

This piece talks about how our first languages and our connection with it affects out lives. If you’re bilingual, is used to communicating in a second language and/or learned a language as a kid that you no longer practice, you might connect with it.

The Secret of Scooby-Doo’s Enduring Appeal – The Atlantic

Have you ever wondered why you, your parents and a seven-year-old likes Scooby Doo? This piece might explain why.


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