Red Carpet Season: What They Can Wear

Every beginning of year Hollywood celebrates the best productions of the year. While people and lovers of the industry gets excited about who will be nominated and, eventually, win, what makes me excited for Red Carpet Season is the fashion. This year the dress code for the Golden Globes is All Black, which is a movement, made to show their disapproval with the abuses made in the industry. The choice is interesting and, hopefully, will lead the actresses to make different (but still nice) outfit choices. I don’t know if the other award shows will also go for such a color strict dress code, but there will probably be at least one person wearing black as a form of protest.
Each event has an unofficial dress code. While on the People’s Choice Awards the celebs wear both formal and less formal looks, on the Golden Globes they are super formal. While on the Grammys they have more space to explore their style, on the Oscars they usually go for safer and more traditional options. The Red Carpet season will start on January 7 and end on the 4th of March.
The People’s Choice Awards will be the second one this year, happening on January 10. From what I observed over the years, the attendees have freedom to wear what they want on the event, long or short dresses, pantsuits… Because this is one of the few that allows women to wear less formal outfits, on this section was included just this type of look, it breaks a little bit the pattern from all the other award show. Two of my favorite looks chosen are the Alexis Mabille dress (top left) and the Self-Portrait set.

The SAG Awards is formal, but the attendees still have an opening to explore with different colors and styles. I really like the dresses in this section, which makes it even more difficult to choose only one style. So I will choose a color: pink.
The Grammys and the Oscars will both happen after the Parisian Couture Week (22 – 25 January), which means the big celebs will have plenty more options for these events.
The Grammys is THE event where we get the “weird” and questionable looks during Red Carpet Season. And it makes sense since this is the only music award show during the season (music award shows is where 99% of the “weird” and questionable looks come from). But this year might be different, since most of the “weird” looks come from women, and there are not many women nominated in 2018 (why?!).

The Oscar is the biggest and most important award show in the film industry, and you might be wondering why there are only four dresses in this section. Well, as it was said previously, the Academy Awards will happen after the Couture Week (home of some of the most beautiful and magical clothes). And because only big and important celebs attends this event, big chances they will wear mostly couture or/ and custom made outfits.

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