5 Outfits to Inspire Your Week

Photos from Pinterest

Olivia Palermo
Once in a while it is good to spend some time on Pinterest or Instagram looking for some outfit inspirations. Yes, this is the first post here in quite some time. And yes, I plan to come back to posting regularly. My tactic for this is to just stop planning and start doing it. So I guess one of my favorite type of posts, and, apparently, yours too, is the perfect way to come back.


The first outfit is also my favorite. I love how Olivia Palermo paired the items, and I love even more each individual piece she wore. The shoes are an amazing color, the top seems like something I would wear on an everyday basis, and the coat is just stunning. I personally think this is one of the best looks Olivia has worn recently.
This is one of those looks that I like but would never wear, just because it is not my style. I personally prefer to wear blazers with buttons, and I’m not a sneaker type of girl, I definitely prefer some kind of heel (even if it is a small one). But this girl looks amazing in this outfit. She seems comfortable and confident with it, ready to go out and show the girlboss she is. The colors on this look work wonderfully, and the tailoring and styling is perfectly in the middle ground of classy and sporty.


Alexa Chung
Some people might not like the red, with the animal print with the heels. But I like it. Alexa made it look fashionable and not tacky, without giving that sense of being “too much”.This is definitely something to be aware when trying to recreate this look, since it can be very tricky. If you’re not comfortable with any of these items, I suggest you to experiment and try it out with an all-black outfit. It is really difficult to go wrong with an all-black outfit. When I wear them, I always like to incorporate a color or a nice print to the outfit just to give that extra something to it, to make it look fun.


One of the colors I’ve been liking lately is this dark shade of green. And this girl looks amazing in it. When I first saw this photo, I thought this outfit is so different but also it looks the same as lot of other outfits in past fashion weeks. It just feels so fresh because if the color palette and that little Hermès handbag.



Long, oversized trench coats are something that is attracting my eyes lately. They just look so flattering on the street style muses. One thing I learned from both trying to style one of them and watching other people wearing them is that:
1) they can be super chic and make your body look amazing, or just swallow you and make it look like you’re wearing a garbage bag;
2) They can make you look like a priest if not styled correctly;
3) If you’re not tall and super skinny, it is better to wear heels with them.
Not that they are not worth the risk, but I thought it would be good to read the terms and conditions on this one.

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