5 Outfits to Inspire Your Week (07/04/18)

Photos via Pinterest

Happy weekend! There are few things better than knowing you have whole two days to rest and catch up on things you weren’t able to do during the week. Planning your outfit for the next days (and maybe even week) is one of those things. Besides the satisfaction that putting together different looks might give us, planning ahead is an amazing way to allow us to have 5 more minutes of sleep and still look great fashion-wise. If you need some outfit inspiration, here are 5 looks and 5 tips taken directly from Pinterest: (Okay, the tips are mine)
A statement pair of trousers might not be the cup of tea for many people, but they are worth trying out. Stripes is a classic print that never goes out of fashion. The one on the photo above is perfect for shorter girls because it has a high waist, which makes the legs look longer. You can perfectly pair a pair of flare trousers with flats, but heels always make them more flattering. Even if just a little one.
All white outfits can also be scary for some people. For some reason we tend to go more for all black; maybe because it seems easier to pair, it makes us look skinnier , or because it doesn’t show as much dirt as lighter colors. But white can also make you look equally (or even more) elegant. Mixing plain with more emotional textures is a way to make the monochrome outfit look chic (or expensive, as some prefer to say). Now we just need to figure out how to remain white clothes clean and stainless for a long time…
If you prefer more colorful outfits that can be easily assembled and still makes you look elegant and cool, we can go back to the flared pants.  The classic denim never fail us in any shape or form (except the ones with low rise waist), but flared jeans with band/tv show t-shirt is the perfect Instagram-to-reality look.

White short ankle boots can also be worn with white cropped pants. We just need to be a little more careful when pairing them.  Even though white is an amazing neutral color, and perfect for creating monochromatic looks, pairing white boots with white pants can easily become “too much” and make you look like a health professional.  A good statement coat or jacket in another color can save the look in this case.

It might seem like a theme on this post, but wearing vertical stripes is an amazing way to elongate the body. This way you can wear a super short ankle boot with a pair of jeans without shrinking your figure.

P.S.: Folding one to two fingers of your denim just to show a little bit of ankle can make a huge difference on the final look.
  • So, which of the looks is your favorite? Do you have any tricks on making white stay white?

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