A Game Changing Accessory: The Maxi Earring

The maxi earring (or statement earring) is a trend that is proving itself, remaining relevant for a few consecutive seasons now.  Maxi accessories were really trendy years ago, but they have been having a comeback. Even though a lot has changed, especially with the way we style them, the pieces that were worn then can easily be used today in a beautiful and non-dated ways. The size has not change, only the shape.

One amazing thing about fashion is that it has no rules. Actually, there are some, but they are meant to be broken. There are no “in” or “out” of fashion. Just momentarily more, or less, relevant trends.

Chanel Spring Summer 2018 Campaign

And the most relevant trend when it comes to maxi earrings is clear plastic. Yes, you read it. Clear plastic is taking over everything, even the ears. The detail here is that the round shape is the it-shape. Even though it is transparent, this is still a statement piece, so is might be a good idea to wear it with your hair in a ponytail or a bun (high or low, you choose).

But the round shape is not something exclusive for clear plastic. It is cool in earring also made from other materials, like metals, XXL pearls, and even wood. Here the tip is the same: let the accessory be the star; keep the make-up more simple, as well as the hair. Unless you’re on the runway, than that is a different story…

Photos via Pinterest

Another round-shaped maxi-earring that is super trendy right now is hoops. They match perfectly the late 90s/ early 2000s revival in fashion (and culture), as well as being easier to wear than the chunkier, statement pieces. Because the lines are so simple in this type of earring, you have a lot more creative liberty in the rest of your outfit (especially on the makeup). Also, they tend to be lighter.

Because hoops have a more casual feel to it, t-shirts, light shirts and dresses look really good with it. It can be perfect for an everyday spring/ summer outfit. But that far from means that you can’t wear it on autumn/ winter with a really nice leather jacket (that’s also a very cool look).

Creative shapes are also more than welcomed in the ears. From pins to locks, from flowers to logos; everything is allowed. One of the coolest shapes is stars, especially when there are many of them in one single pair. How to not love a good constellation!

Earrings with a creative shape also are a big statement piece when in the maxi size. So keep the rest of the outfit clean, with not many information to conflict with.

With so many options available at the market, it is difficult not to find at least one that you like. No matter your budget or your style, there is at least one pair out there that will please you and fit your lifestyle.

  • Which style is your favorite? Would you wear maxi/ statement earrings? If yes, how would you style them?



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