5 Trends from the Chanel Cruise 2018/2019 Collection


Every year Chanel presents their resort (or Cruise, as they call it) in a beautiful destination. For the last couple of years the city chosen was Paris, the same place where the Chanel atelier is located.

Following the tradition, the collection was presented on the Grand Palais, where an amazing scenario is waiting their guests. This year there was a huge ship called “La Pausa”. The clothes followed the nautical theme, and have an amazing youthful and feminine feel.

This collection pays homage to Chanel, both Coco and the brand. There were a lot of references to the 1980s, which was when Karl Lagerfeld started designing for the brand. There were classic Chanel symbols, some of them being icons of Gabrielle’s vacation style, like the stripes and the high rise and wide legged pants. Besides that, La Pausa is also the name from Coco’s vacation home in the south of France.

1. Suits/ Jackets: One of the highlights of this collection are the jackets. Some of them appeared paired with matching pants, making a really beautiful suit, that has a really classic cut but that is still modern and youthful.  Others (and actually most of them), appeared as an individual piece, paired with high rise pants or dresses. They were the perfect fit (no oversize here) and either cropped or a little bit longer than the usual blazer.

2.It’s a waist:One trend that is coming back (and getting stronger) is belts. More specifically: belts enhancing the waist. In this collection big belts, as well as small belts, appeared doing this styling trick. But Karl also found other ways to make the waist one of the protagonists of the look. Belts, chains, the shape of the top or dress, and, most importantly, cropped tops and jackets. Because this is Chanel, there was no super cropped tops, they all ended somewhere near the waist and were paired with skirts that let only one finger of skin show.

3.Stripes: a classic print that is trendy every other season, but that always looks good. Stripes are almost a synonym of Coco Chanel’s summer style, appearing in some of the most iconic looks from the designer. They are also a synonym of nautical style, being the first thing most people think when it comes to a sailor outfit. In this collection Karl Lagerfeld explored the stripes in different colors, size, and orientation. They become a statement on the pants (which are high rise and wide legged), asking for a simple top, like the cashmere they paired it with.

4.So Blue: One of the color highlights from this collection was blue. It appeared in a variety of shades, from navy to sky blue, and in many outfits. Another reason why this color can be considered one of the main colors of the show are the models’ make-up. Most of the girls wore a dark blue eyeshadow in a cat eye shape.



5.White shoes: white might not be most people’s favorite color for a shoe, but white shoes are trending and seem to not be going anywhere soon. For a few seasons now the white boot has been the it- shoe, appearing in the feet of many street style stars. But now there are two other styles in the shade to compete: 1) a mary-jane flat, that seems to look a little like those crocs one that were never trendy 2) a classic mary-jane with low-heel.

  • What are your thoughts on Chanel’s latest collection? What were your favorite pieces and how/ when would you wear them?

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