How to Wear: Polka Dots

Everybody have at least one piece of clothes with a polka dot print. That’s the best part of classic prints, they are easy to find and most of us already have them in our wardrobes. And when they become a “trend”, you don’t need to rush to a store to get the “it-piece” of the season.

Stripes have been considered a trend for… years. But polka dots became more dated, the more bold versions of it were even considered tacky by some. Until this season.

Polka Dots 1

Skirts: mini, midi, long… you choose the length. They are super versatile. You can wear them in practically any weather and situation. If you want a dressier look, pair it with linen or tailored shirts, folding the sleeves until the elbow. But if you prefer more casual outfits, plaint t-shirts are an amazing alternative.

Polka Dots 2

Colors: The classic black and white version is the most popular one, but blue and red also makes amazing background colors.

Polka Dots 3

Midi Dresses: they already have a classier feel than a mini, especially when paired with heels or sneakers. Polka dots midi dresses are the epitome of trendy-chic.

Polka Dots 4

Pants:  let’s be honest, pants are amazing, but they can be kind of boring. Polka dots can help spice up an everyday outfit in a fun way. Culottes, flared, jumpsuits… they all work. Just remember to pair it with simple accessories.

Polka Dots 5

Leather Jackets: A leather jacket is a staple, no matter the style. They go with literally everything, and give a cool rocker vibe to any outfit. When paired with polka dots, they balance the feminine and vintage feel of the print.


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