5 Outfits to Inspire Your Week(end)

One of the best parts of the weekend is the freedom to wear absolutely anything, from pajamas to super festive sequin skirts. But there are always some of us that prefer a dressier or more subtle look. If you’re looking of some outfit ideas that can be worn from Monday to Monday (kind of), here are some ideas.


Black and beige can go incredibly well together. In this case it is better to go for simple pieces, that don’t have any fun cut or print on it. Choose some simple accessories and… Voilà, you have a super chic outfit for any occasion. If you want a simple but more colorful look, shades of green and red are cool and suits most skin tones. For a more classic style, go for tailored pants, but if you’re more into a bold look, then interestingly shaped top and distressed denim are a good call. If a blissful summer is not really in the cards for you, pair your favorite strap dress with a white shirt or go the very colorful way with green pants and your favorite furry coat.


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