5 Easy Hairstyles to Try This Month

Photos via Pinterest


We all have days where we get tired of the way we look, that we want to change something on our appearance. Hair is usually the most permanent way to update our look. But you don’t need to a bold haircut or highlights to change your appearance, sometimes a new (and easy) hairdo do all the work.

Ponytails are definitely one of the easiest and most practical hairstyle. If you want to give a little more emotion, tie a beautiful scarf over the hair tie. Another great option (and even easier) is a scrunchie. They damage the hair less than regular hair tie and also make the ponytail more fun.

High buns are also a good and easy option. They make it seem like you put more effort in your look, even though you need less than a minute to achieve it. Headbands are also a way to spice up your hairdo in seconds. One useful thing to know about both hairstyles is that they are amazing to disguise dirty hair without the use of dry shampoo!

But if you are in a clean hair day and want a more subtle accessory, hair clips are good options. Holding the front of your hair in the back with one in an interesting shape is a classic and very elegant. But if you want more of a fashionista look, clip one in either side of the head à la Versace.

  • Do you have any hairstyling tips? Let me know in the comments! xoxo

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