#CarolTalks: Louis Vuitton Spring 2019

On October 2nd Louis Vuitton closed Paris Fashion Week with a show at the Louvre, as usual. The collection left me with many thoughts in my mind. Good thoughts.

One of them was the fact that they had a plural cast, with transgender, Asians, black and white models (I hate this division/ description of people by skin color, but let’s follow the norm so it is easier to understand). Yes, it lacked curvier models (I hate the term plus-size, we shouldn’t divide people because of the size of their clothes), but this is already something.

Besides that, here are some of my thoughts on the collection itself:

1. Are we the Jetsons?


I love how futuristic the Vuitton from Nicolas Ghesquière’s era is. But this season it made me feel like we are living in a world that is a mixture of The Jetsons and The Handmaid’s Tale (more about it later). The dress with the red texture is a piece that makes me instantly think of Jane Jetson, while the handbag seems like something that came straight out of the cartoon. By the way, I think the spaceship-shaped bag is the family’s new portable car.

Key Pieces: The dresses, the trapeze and the spaceship handbags.

2. And are those the hats from The Handmaid’s Tale?


The first thing I think when I see this hat is of Offred. The similarity with the iconic The Handmaid’s Tale accessory is undeniable, but it actually has less to do with the series/ book and more with Ghesquière’s work. In 2011 the designer created a bigger version of the piece for the Spring 2012 collection of Balenciaga. But, thinking about it, there is probably a hidden message to this hat relating to the tale.

Key Piece: The hat.

3. Powerful sleeves are the new black


One constant design detail from this collection are the powerful sleeves. Some are puffy, others are bell shaped, and there were also the extra futuristic ones. So, if there is something to take away for the next months, is that the focus of your outfit should be on the arm.

Key Pieces: Powerful jackets and dresses.

4. The minis are also very powerful


The mini dresses were also very powerful. With prints and embroideries, they evoked the Vuitton style as well as the French savoir faire. They are pieces that you can easily see celebrities and it-girls wearing in many different occasions and locations. I personally loved the ones that are more loose and that were belted.

Key Piece: The dresses.

5. As well as the pants


The pants were also amazing. Actually, this whole collection was amazing. Wide legs, high waisted and utilitarian pants will continue in fashion for a while. I love how they made the cargo pant get lighter with the more fitted silhouette and pastel color. Also, the prints can be borderline tacky, but, when paired with the right pieces, they can make a whole outfit!

Key Pieces: Wide legged and printed pants.

  • What are your thoughts on Louis Vuitton’s spring collection? Would you wear any of the pieces?

Photos: Vogue Runway & The Verge


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