#Logomania: 17 Handbags That Follows the Trend

One of the most extravagant, over the top and funtrends of the moment is logomania. The rich and famous have been loving to wearlogos from head to toe. But not everybody (most people) can afford thislifestyle. If you like this type of look, but don’t have millions in your bank account,or any logos in your closet, I suggest to start saving some money. This also appliesfor anyone trying to expand their logotastic collection.

Handbags are the best way to start investing in such atrend. They tend to last longer than shoes or clothes, and some logos aretimeless. Take Gucci as an example, their GG canvas is iconic and never goesout of style.

  1. The timeless Canvas

Talking about Gucci, their canvas is one of the mostpopular at the moment. You can easily spot them on Instagram feeds, luxuryretailers and magazines. One of the reasons for this phenomenon are the amazingstyles and variety the Italian brand has created throughout the years. Anotherperk for the brand is that they have something for every style, from feminineto geeky, from grandma chic to punk Nutella.

  1. Ophidia Bucket Bag

2. Ophidia Tote

3. Ophidia Mini Shoulder Bag

4. Dionysus Medium

5. XL Tote

6. Dionysus

2. Italy does it better

One thing Italian brands definitely knows how todo is catchy logos. Fendi also has a worldwide famous logo, which was crazy popular in the 2000s. In the last couple of years, the brand has been workingon the comeback of the FF pattern (which, fun fact, means fun fur), and it isworking. 

  1. Kan I Small

2. Backpack

3.  Kan I

3. For the cool kids

Balenciaga is another brand that has beeninvesting in the logomania. But, differently than Gucci and Fendi, the maison doesn’t have a traditional canvasor leather with its logo. Instead, they are being extra creative and writing their name in caps lock or graffiti across their handbags.

  1. Ville XXS

2. Shoulder Bag

3. Small City Graffiti

4. But let’s not forget about the italians

If there is one thing to get out from this post,is that Italians are really good with logos. Valentino is one of the mostclassic, sophisticated and feminine brands ever. Everything they do seemsstraight out of a dream, this includes their new logo collection. The VLTNturns Valentino’s design in something fresher and more contemporary.

  1. VLTN Shoulder Bag

2. Rockstud Spike Medium

5. When in doubt, choose a tote

A tote bag is a must have in any wardrobe. They arepractical and easy to wear, but the best part is definitely the fact that theyfit almost anything. Most luxury brands have a tote style with a logo on it.So, if you’re looking for a new everyday bag, or to simply start a collectionof luxury handbags, I suggest going for a tote. (Also, they tend to be more affordable than the other bags)

  1. Fendi Tote

2. Tom Ford T Mini Denim Tote

3. Saint Laurent Canvas Tote

  • What are your thoughts on the logomania? Would wear any of the handbags above? xoxo

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