5 Outfits to Inspire You (Week 51/53)

As it is tradition (or at least I’m trying to make it one), every Monday morning there is a new post with 5 outfits inspirations. No matter the weather, or your style, there is something for you. 

Photos via Pinterest

One of the best trends from 2018 is the tailoring. It is everywhere, no matter the weather or the occasion. It is amazing how much freedom we now have to play with what was once office wear. Darker shades of green have also been very popular this year. If you pair these two trends together, you get a beautiful and chic outfit! (Just don’t forget to pair it with an amazing top).

A pleated skirt, on other hand, looks amazing with a simple top. Their soulmate is actually a simple boxy t-shirt, with or without a fun print. 

Because blazers have been the ultimate trend of 2018, why not enjoy it a little bit more before the end of the year? Oversized ones make a perfect match with more fitted pieces. Going for a full matching suit is also a lot of fun, especially if it is in pink.

If the weather is asking for something a little bit warmer, then dig out that pink coat from the past years (or buy one if you don’t have, they always make a comeback). Instead of the classic whites, blacks and neutrals, go for dark green pants or top!

  • What is your favorite outfit? And what do you like to wear most on week days?

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