Lili Reinhart’s Style

Somewhere around the 20th century, TV Series starring teenage characters doing amazing (and not always age appropriate or realistic) things became popular. Gossip Girl featured a bunch of super rich kids that loved to party around the Upper East Side and were followed by a gossip blogger dedicated only to them. The Vampire Diaries told the story of a young girl who can’t decide which 100+ year old vampire brother she likes more, at least that was the story in the beginning. Riverdale (the it one right now) stars four teenagers (and their friends) with a hero complex.

From the four friends, Betty Cooper (and her cousin Cheryl, sorry if you’re still on season 1!) is definitely the scene stealer. She might seem just like a regular small town girl, when actually she is journalist in the making that uncovers every mystery from Riverdale.

In real life, Lili Reinhart is also a scene stealer (in a good way). She doesn’t show any fear when she needs to clap back at haters and seems to be comfortable in her own skin. Also, she is dating Cody (early 2000s kid will understand).

Photos via Pinterest

One of Lili’s best friends style-wise is denim. She wears them in a variety of style and ways. When paired with a nice jacket, it becomes a comfortable yet beautiful outfit for the airport.

One of her favorite colors to wear is clearly white. It can be a modern suit, a minimalist dress or a modern tailleur.

For both red (or pink) carpet and real life, she seems to prefer clothes with simple shapes and in solid colors. It is difficult to see Lily wear prints.


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