My January through Music

I love January, it is one of my favorite months of the year. Yes, it might seem a little “long” and “boring”, butI still love it.

For me January means a fresh start, and, I can guarantee to you, I needed one. Most of 2018 seemed very blah to me until it reached the last couple of months, when I realized how much I procrastinated and how much I needed to catch up on.

January also means that my birthday is near. And, if there is a day that I like more than Christmas, it is my birthday. I’m a very proud and aquarian Aquarius.

But this post is not to talk about my 2018, but the songs that I’ve been loving to hear in 2019.

I was never a big fan from Ariana Grande, alwaysthought her music was nice and would listen to it from time to time. And then she released thank u, next and I spent days repeating that song. 7 Rings achieved almost the same success on my headphones.

But if there is one thing miss Grande still haven’tachieved is a place in my sing along playlist. One of my go-to singing (in private, because I’m not a good singer) is Un Domani by Annalisa. I like it so much that sometimes I catch myself singing it even when it is not playing! Other two song in the same category i sNew Boo from Kwamie Liv and Halfway There by ROZES.

One of my favorite bands at the moment is Maneskin. I like so many of their songs that it was difficult to choose only one. But Fear for Nobody was the winner because I also love to dance it (or try). And last, but definitely not least, I’m on Top by Otha needed to be in this list. The last time I checked, the artist only had two songs published. And I want to dance every time I play any of them.

There is around two hours of music in this list, so Isuggest that you plug some headphones on and just enjoy them while doing whatever you need to do.



Ariana Grande – 7 Rings

Parov Stelar feat. Nikki Williams – TROUBLE

Bad Bunny feat. Drake – MIA

Elohim – Buckets

Annalisa feat. Mr. Rain – Un domani

Ligabue – Luci d’America

Maneskin – Fear for Nobody

Scott Helman – Hang Ups

Fedez & Tedua feat. Trippie Redd – Che cazzo ridi

Kwamie Liv – New Boo

Mariana Nolasco – Certeza

Otha – I’m on Top

Ashley Tisdale – Voices in My Head

Galantis feat. Sofia Carson – San Francisco

Mariah Carey feat. Slick Rick, Blood Orange – Giving Me Life

Maggie Rogers – The Knife

BAYNK feat. GLADES – Off Limits

3LAU feat. Carly Paige – Would You Understand

Manila Killa feat. Mansionair – Wake up Call

Max Styler & The Griswolds – Light Me Up

Judah & the Lion – Over my head

Alok & Yves V feat. Gavin James – Innocent

Black Pistol Fire – Level

Elderbrook – Old Friend

ZAZ – Demain c’est toi

ROZES – Halfway There

MacKenzie Porter – About You

Sigrid – Sucker Punch

Anne-Marie – Perfect To Me


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