The best dressed from the Oscar 2019 night

The Oscars and the Vanity Fair after party happened on Sunday. But since it was the biggest night in Hollywood this year, I thought I could still write about it. To compensate all the time that has passed, I decided to share with you my thoughts about each of my favorite looks.


Also, let’s play a game: eat a piece of chocolate every time you read amazing in this post!


Emma Stone: The more I look at this dress, the more I like it. I love the shape of the sleeves, it is futuristic and unusual. The pattern created with the embroidery and the color are the cherry on top. It is very different from what we are used to see on the Oscars, and I think Emma was the perfect person to wear this piece.


Jennifer Lopez: J. Lo is goals no matter what she is wearing. For the silver look, I think it would be nice if she wore her hair up, or behind her shoulders. Same for the Zuhair Murad look.


Lady Gaga: To be 100% honest, I think her dress was boring. The color and the fabric lacked shine and excitement, while the shape seems like something she would have worn on her Bad Romance era (which is my favorite, by the way). What saved this looked were the gloves and jewelry. The Tiffany necklace is divine and worth the hype, not only because of its history.


Molly Sims: Loved the shape and the cut-outs.


Emilia Clarke: This dress might look nice on the photos, but you need to watch the ceremony to see it in its full potential. When Emilia took the stage of the Oscars, I lost my breath. The shape of the dress is amazing and do wonders for her, the color suits her skin perfectly and it is classic (aka it will still look amazing in 10 years). But the best part of it is the fabric. It started shining from the moment she first stepped on the stage, like a real like kirakira.


Brie Larson: The shape, the fabric, the way it fit… it is perfect. The thing with new Céline is not that their clothes are not pretty, but that they don’t feel like Céline. And that’s what I feel about this dress, at first I thought it was Saint Laurent. Also, I first thought it was Margot Robbie wearing it.


Amandla Stenberg: Amandla is my new style crush. She is bold, she doesn’t wear what is expected and her outfits are always fun. I don’t know what I like more about this look: the dress or her hair.


Amy Adams: Amy always looks nice. And this time it was no different.


Regina King: The work on the body, the slit and the matching shoes. This outfit is perfection!


Kiki Layne: For me, the strongest part from the dress it the neckline. It gives a modern touch to a very feminine dress. Also, the color suited her perfectly.


Elaine Welteroth: I have no words for this dress. It is stunning!


Laura Harrier: Another stunning look. I love pastel colors, I think they look beautiful in anyone, especially on people with dark skin tones. They make it shine, and it looks fun and exhales happiness.


Tina Fey: Nice shape and color. Wish the Oscars was on a Wednesday, just to see if Tina would wear pink.


Helen Mirren: And talking about pink, here is Helen Mirren proving that age is just a number.


Kacey Musgraves: First the Grammys, now this. Oh Kacey, why do you wear such beautiful dresses?


Angela Bassett: Angela Bassett looks amazing in pink. That’s all I have to say.


Jennifer Hudson: One of the (many) reasons why I love red is that it suits any skin tone. For the Oscars, J. Hudson embraced het inner red dress dancing emoji lady. And who never wanted to be that lady?


Rachel Weisz: I now know that Rachel Weisz was wearing Givenchy. Besides that, I loved the fabrics and her headband.


Marina de Tavira: This is the type of dress a Disney princess would wear to the party, right before she saves the prince from his evil stepmother. Or the other way around, you choose!


Charlize Theron: I think Charlize should be promoted to Hollywood goddess. She looks amazing in any dress, any hair color and in any movie. The best part of this outfit, though, is the back of the dress (or lack of).


Gemma Chan: I feel like this is the type of the dress that Astrid would wear. But, since Astrid is a fictional character, what better way than the actress that gave her life to attend the Oscars wearing it?!


Elsie Fisher: There were a few feminine suits looks on the red carpet, but this was my favorite. I love how she paired it with boots and let the shirt cuff appear.


Allison Janney: The fabric, the neckline, the fitting, that’s how you do a black dress on the Oscars!


Shailene Woodley: I really liked Shailene’s outfit, but I would have changed the hair.


Sophie Turner: Sophie looked stunning in her Oscar gold dress!


Rosie Huntington-Whiteley: Rosie’s dress had everything to be boring, but the neckline saved it!


Emma Roberts: Loved the shape, the transparent effect and the sleeves.


Isla Fisher: Another dress saved by the neckline!


Shay Mitchell: Shay’s dress looked impressively glam, all because of its dark green hue.


Lupita Nyong’o: If there is one person I’m always excited to see on the red carpet, it is Lupita. She never fails to impress me with her looks.


America Ferrera: The shape of the dress was very simple, but it fitted America perfectly. But her hair was the cherry on top, giving her outfit more personality.


Hailee Steinfeld: Hailee wore one of the few short dresses from the night. With its feminine shape and coral hue, she looked like a modern Disney princess.


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