5 Outfits to Inspire Your Week

As it is tradition (or at least I’m trying to make it one), every Monday morning there is a new post with 5 outfits inspirations. No matter the weather, or your style, there is something for you.

Photos via Pinterest

18-03 2

Once in a while everyone gets bored with their wardrobe. The most sustainable and budget-friendly way to change your style and/or everyday outfit is to rediscover what you already have. Pick some of your favorite pieces and pair them together. Explore the shapes, patterns and everything (absolutely everything) you have with no fear. That warm doudoune can look super chic with plaid trousers, and a midi skirt and a blazer can make you look young and interesting with the right accessories.

18-03 3

One of the best investments we can make (fashion-wise) is buying a good shirt. It doesn’t mean that it needs to be an expensive piece, or be from a famous brand. It just needs to fit nicely and make you feel comfortable. After that you can pair it with literally anything and look great. A good simple, neutral colored dress is also a good investment to make. You can make it work for any situation in your life just changing your accessories.


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