The Best Outfits from the Met Gala 2019

Once upon a time, people would dress in creative clothes. They walked around with chandelier dresses, Picasso paintings and a replica of their head.

Well, this could be a wonderful tale, or just the Met Gaga. In this case is the 71st Met Gala.

The first Monday of May is probably the favorite Monday from every fashionista. Afterall this is the Monday where some of the most important artists from multiple areas gather in the steps of the Met wearing some of the most creative outfits of the year. For 2019 the theme was “Camp: notes on fashion”, which was probably one of the best choices they made in years.

Their red carpet this year has been my favorite so far. There were from the most over-the-top outfits to very simple ones, and a replica of Jared Leto’s head. And four outfit changes + little performance from Lady Gaga on the red carpet. #metGaga

Her pop culture highness wore not one, but four outfits by Brandon Maxwell. It all started with a pink pregnant-Barbie dress, that somehow turned in a widow-Barbie dress, then a gala-Barbie dress, and then finally a modern Gaga outfit. All of them were amazing and all I have to say left is I’m your biggest fan, I’ll follow you until you love me.

Zendaya is no stranger to the world amazing, but this time she topped even herself with a very Cinderella gown custom made by Tommy Hilfiger. Gigi Hadid went the other way in style though. The Hadid Model I wore a white Michael Kors catsuit paired with matching coat, boots and headpiece.

Bella, the Hadid Model II, stayed very true to her personality and went with a black Moschino gown full of cut-outs. The only way I see this being more Bella is if there were tiny sunglasses instead of the jewelry details.

Madeleine Cheryl Petsch wore a gorgeous sculptural dress in a pastel green (or is it blue) that made her look a fairy, more specifically, a Winx. Contrary to Kim Kardashian, that wore a nude Mugler. Really pretty, but since I saw that tweet comparing it to a croissant, I can only see the amazing pastry instead of the fabric.

My style crush since 2014, Lupita Nyong’o, didn’t disappoint (as always). I don’t know what is better on her look, the dress, the front of her hair, or the back of her hair.

Cardi B’s duvet dress is giving me all the feels because 1) I’m writing this very late at night and I kind of want to sleep 2) Because it is a 2.0 version of Rihanna’s 2015 dress-coat. Kacey Musgraves outfit is an amazing example of what Barbie would look like if she went punk full time. And Rosie Huntington-always misspell her name was the epitome of chic, as always. Oh, and I don’t want to know the weight of Katy Perry’s chandelier.

And, before I forget, let’s give a quick praise to Jared Leto and the replica of his head.

My favorite look(s) from the Met was definitely the one four from Lady Gaga. Coming right next is Janelle New Style Crush Monáe with her Picasso inspired Christian Siriano masterpiece. And in third place is no doubt Ezra Another Style Crush Miller and his multiple eyes.

  • What was your favorite outfit of the night? Which of these pieces would you love to have in your wardrobe? For me is definitely the head.

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