5 Trends From Chloé Resort 2020 Collection

A few years ago, the term cultural appropriation became popular, and it was constantly used when calling out someone for appropriating from others culture. In more recent days the term seems to have lost a little bit of its attention, and I believe it is because, well, just open a newspaper and you’ll understand (and it definitely isn’t because we learned to truly respect others culture).

Since I first heard the term cultural appropriation, I’ve been searching for good examples on how to pay homage to a culture without insulting and/or appropriating it. And I believe Chloé’s Resort 2020 collection is one of these good examples. Natacha Ramsay-Levi, the brand creative director, created pieces inspired on traditional Chinese clothes. Instead of mimicking exactly those attires, she created dresses with similar shapes, collar and in the way they close. Some of the prints had motifs that remind us of China, but without being a copycat from the traditional Chinese prints.

The collection was presented on June 5th at the rooftop of the Long Museum, in Shanghai, China. Here are five trends from Chloé Resort 2020:

  1. China Style

As previously said, the main inspiration for this collection was China, so, naturally, there were plenty of outfits inspired by the country’s culture. From prints to silhouettes, Chinese motifs were everywhere. My favorite pieces were the burnt orange midi dress and the blue jacket (or would it be a shacket?).

2. So Blue

Blue was everywhere, in a variety of shades and silhouettes. The velvet clothes looked extremely chic, and there were few pieces more Chloé than the ruffled dress.

3. Velvet

There were corduroy (oh, that pink suit!) and what I like to call “regular velvet”. If you like this kind of fabric, then you can thank the Chloé team, because they are staying in style this season. I personally loved the dark blue pieces, they are so chic, and so me.

4. Mini

According to Chloé, the length of the skirt should be predominantly mini this season. If you don’t like skirts, you can also wear some shorts. Mini skirts (or shorts) are perfect for the summer days, when you don’t want a fabric sticking to your skin. But if where you live the temperatures are on the cooler side, tights and over-the-knee or knee-high boots can be your best friends.

5. Shoes

A pair of shoes can change a whole outfit. So Chloé provided different options for different style. The hybrid of the chunky sneaker with boots is perfect for those who want a sportier look. The loafers (with heels or not) is very preppy and classy, Blair Waldorf would approve of them. And the strappy sandals will make any outfit party-ready.


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