5 Trends from the Miu Miu Resort 2020 Collection

Just like Prada, Miu Miu is glamourous and is designed for a modern and fun person.  For the Resort 2020 Miuccia Prada decided to play with the rise of conservatism by doing classical and conservative shapes, and using the Hippodrome d’Auteuil, a horse racing track that was inaugurated in 1873, as the venue for the show. To make everything more fun and on brand, the clothes had bright colors, and the models wore platform shoes and multiple hats at once.

Here are five highlights from the Miu Miu Resort 2020 collection.

  • Shorts and Bermudas

Shorts and bermudas are perfect alternative for when you don’t want to wear a skirt but it is still too warm for pants. This collection has plenty of them, from pink (or would it be red?) leather, to plaid wool (and matching jacket!), there was something for every version of the Miu Miu girl.

  • Patchwork

Patchwork has been trending for a few seasons now, and Miuccia don’t want this trend to calm down. Skirts and jackets were created in earthy tones and patterns like diagonal stripes and fish scales.

  • Prints of animals

No, it’s not animal print. It is prints of animals, more specifically horses, to match the location. Years ago, this style of print was in fashion, and the Miu Miu team is bringing back this fun way of fauna attention. And it is also a fun take on a very conservative sport (which is the theme of the collection).

  • Hats

Most models wore a stack of hats on the runway, which is another fun take on the conservative. There were baker boy, long flaps, and short flaps over caps.

  • Platforms + Socks

Every shoe worn in the show had a platform and was worn with fun socks. It can be flatforms, sandals or loafers, you can choose your pair for the next season.


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