What I Read in June

One of my favorite hobbies since I was a kid is reading. I started reading very early (thanks mom!), and I always read a little bit of everything, from biographies to dystopian novels, from Nicholas Sparks to Gabriel García Marques. I believe that the activity of reading (it being a book or a flyer) can add a lot of value and knowledge to the mind of anyone.

Here are the two books I read in June.

  • Orlando: A Biography by Virginia Woolf

Orlando is a novel from 1928 written by Virginia Woolf. There were two reasons why I wanted to read this book: the author and the plot. Virginia is considered one of the greatest authors of the 20th Century and she is kind of a feminist icon. And Orlando, besides being one of her more popular novels, it also tells the story of a noble that is born in the 16th Century as a man and dies on the 20th Century as a woman. Throughout her 300 years of life without aging, Orlando meets multiple literary figures, nobles and learns the difference of being a man or a woman not biologically, but socially.

I loved the novel, and it became one of my favorite classics so far. Besides being written in 1928, the story still remains relevant, and these are always my favorite kind of books. The story also flows, it is not that fast to read but is also not stiff as old novels usually are (maybe is the edition that I got).

  • The Devil Wears Prada by Lauren Weisberger

The Devil Wears Prada is my favorite movie ever, I watched it over 100 times (not kidding), and Miranda Priestly is arguably one of the reasons why I decided to study Journalism. I remember as a kid asking my mom multiple times to read the book, and she refusing because she thought I was too young for it. But the movie, my love for fashion and print magazines didn’t stop my desire to read the book.

Over a decade passed since my first request for the book, and my mom finally gave it to me. Yes, this is an original 2003 copy, from before the movie, that used to stay on my mama’s bookshelf. The reason why I only got it now is not because I’ve been “too young” until 2019, but because mother kind of lost it years ago, and found it just now while reorganizing het stack of books.

I loved the book, and now I also love the movie even more. I think the plot everyone knows by now: the non-fashion lover Andy Sachs gets her first job after college at the fashion magazine Runway, as an assistant to the mean editor-in-chief Miranda Priestly.

I love the Miranda from the movie, but the one in the book…. I want to create her on The Sims, make her swim on a pool, and create a wall around it while she does it. And would put Alex (also known as Nate on the film) with her. Spoiler alert: Andie’s annoying boyfriend isn’t that better on the book.

And yes mom, I was way too young to read it at 8 years old.


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