5 Hairstyle ideas for Long Hair (Bad Hair Day Version!)

For the past couple of days, I’ve been having “bad hair days”. Mainly because I’ve been too lazy to either straighten it or to properly take care of my curls (it takes so much time, and my hair is long, and I couldn’t be bothered). And because of that I went even deeper on the Pinterest whole of trying to find hairstyles I can actually make (spoiler alert: I can’t make all of these, and they are kind of basic).

  • Braids

Let’s start by the one I can’t make: the braid. Braids are very cool and perfect for bad hair days. And they can also be very easy to make for people with basic hand skills. It helps hide the frizz and/ or dirty roots.

  • Super High Bun

This is my personal favorite for when it is raining, my hair is dirty or can’t be bothered to take proper care of my locks (like today). For long hairs I prefer the bun to be high because of the length and volume. If you make a low bun with long hair, it can easily become bulky and uncomfortable in the neck area.

If the regular old bun gets too boring, you can always add an accessory to it.

  • Medium Ponytail and Accessories

Just like my buns, I like my ponytails to be very high. But wearing it in medium height can be very chic, specially when paired with some pearly hair pins.

  • Straight

This is a very 2000s and Versace style (Gigi’s look was actually for a Versace show).  It takes a lot of effort to make it look like this, and to keep it this straight. If you want to test it, I recommend making a hairdresser appointment and applying a heat protection product to the hair just so you don’t fry it.

Even though it takes a hairdresser, a lot of heat and time to make, it can also last for days (even a week if you don’t have oily hair).

  • The Hat

If it is raining or cold, your hair is dirty and you didn’t manage to wash it, just add a hat to it. No one will see the roots and you will look stylish.

The Red era is also my favorite hair phase from Taylor Swift.

Also, Pinterest, why so many blonde hairs?


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