5 Hairstyles for Short Hair

To be honest, I’m not the best person to talk about short hair. The last time I had it I was months old, and since then I basically kept it (very) long. But last week I wrote a post about long hair, and I do pin a lot of short hairstyles, so…

  • A low bun or ponytail

If there is something I learned living/pining/ watching people with short hair is that it is basically impossible to do a high ponytail or bun without half your hair being out of it. A good alternative is the low (and very chic) version of those hairstyles. To make it more interesting, you can always add accessories, like pearly or metallic hair ties.

  • Hair Clips

This one works for any hair. Hair clips can make anything more interesting and in fashion in 2019. They can have different shapes, embroideries and/or words.

  • Half Up

A half bun is a good way to do a high bun and aesthetically embrace the half of the hair that will stay out of it. But if you think it is too 2014/2015 (oh, how I miss you 2014/2015), you can tie half of it with some accessories, like pins.


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