5 Trends from the Chanel Métiers D Art Collection 2020

Every year, since 2002, Chanel presents a Métiers D’Art collection, always somewhere around December. This is the first one signed by Virginie Viard, and for her debut she decided to get inspiration from Coco Chanel’s apartment and the legendary mirrored staircase. While this was a kind of safe (and overdone) theme, she still managed to create beautiful unique pieces.


At the fashion show, the first outfits that went down the runway were black. As the show went on, more monochromatic looks showed up. To make it younger and more modern, simple pieces were paired with others with embroideries or logos on them.

Black and White

Black was a major feature in this collection, and there is no surprise in that, since it also is one of Coco Chanel’s symbols. Just as the monochrome, this outfits could be boring if it wasn’t for the maisons d’art they work with. Feathered blazers and ruffled skirts helped make it interesting and young.

Leave the Top at Home

Virginie Viard views the Chanel girls as being (age apart) young, modern and sexy. So of course, they needed to add the sexiest and most modern styling to their show: wearing a blazer with no top underneath.

Pearls and Chains

Pearls and chains are two of the most popular Chanel symbols. To pay homage to these two favorites from Coco, the models were multiple belts and necklaces made out of them.

Metallic Fabrics

Metallic colors were used in multiple pieces, mainly in gold. But the team Chanel also made a metallic version of the tie-dye.

What is a Métiers D’Art collection?

The Métiers D’Art collection is different from any other from the brand because it focuses on their maisons d’art, like Lemarié (flowers and plumes), Lesage (embroidery and tweed) and Massaro (shoes). Most of the ateliers featured were acquired by Chanel in the past years so they could stay in business and producing such exquisite pieces.


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