Classic Blue: The Color of 2020

From the left to the right: Gucci, Moschino Brandon Maxwell, Marni and Balenciaga, all from their Spring 2020 Collections

As you might have already seen, Pantone announced the color of the year. To enter the new decade, they chose the enduring, elegant and timeless Classic Blue (PANTONE 19-4052).

According to the color institute, humans have been gravitating towards colors that are more honest and that offers a promise of protection. This is happening partially because of the very fast pace of technology, which is ahead of our ability to process it all. Classic Blue is perfect for this scenario because our psyches interprets it as a restful color, which automatically makes it very peaceful and tranquil.

Pantone also adds that this shade aids in concentration and helps bring clarity. It helps re-center our thoughts, at the same time being reflective and fostering resilience.

In general, 2019 has been a complicated year. Extremist political views are on the rise, people seem to be becoming more intolerant and less respectful every day, and let’s not start on the environmental crisis. Classic Blue is the perfect color to start the new decade because… we need some peace, and a lot of resilience to deal with our current bigger picture.


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