Some Christmas Makeup Ideas

Christmas will happen in a few days, and is natural that, after buying all the presents, we freak out a bit about what we’re going to wear. Or if we still have budget (or patience) to buy something new. For those looking for some makeup inspiration, here are some ideas.

If you’re looking for some fashion inspiration, wait a bit, because the post is coming soon.

Photos from Pinterest

One of the first things it comes to mind when it comes to Christmas makeup is a bold red lip. Cream and vinyl finishes are a good way to make the color more modern (or tropical). You can also pair it with copper eyeshadow for an extra Christmassy look.

Matte is more classic and long wearing, which makes it perfect for the eating part. But if you’re not a fan of the good old red lipstick, you can always go bold on your eyeshadow. Neon pink is a creative take on the Christmas spirit.

If your outfit is already a Christmas tree, then a more neutral makeup is a better idea. The same goes if that is your style, or if you’re also looking for some new year eve makeup looks (apparently is not the best idea to wear red this new year eve.) A more creative take on it could be a smoked eye with a warm brown or a very light pink.


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