Some Christmas Outfit Ideas

Merry Christmas! The best Holiday of the year has arrived and, some of us will have an awesome event later in the evening: sitting on the living room and overeating. Depending on the size of your family, you might either have a 100% jolly celebration, or have to deal with some older people asking about your relationship status and commenting on your weight.

But, not matter what Christmas tradition you have, this is the perfect night to go full glam and wear your fancy clothes. If you still don’t know what to wear, here are some ideas.

Photos from Pinterest

Sequins, sequins and more sequins

One of the perks of Holiday season is that we can embrace the shiny side of the force. If you aspire to be a Christmas tree, a full sequined look is a wonderful idea. Silver is modern, while gold is more classic, and the other colors are more on the ‘fun’ side, so choose wisely.

Oh, Red, Burning Red

Christmas is also the perfect time to embrace red. It can be through a beautiful skirt, dress or even your boots. If you’re going to a more casual party, t-shirt and sneakers can be a good fit, while a silk or sequined dress are nice options for more fancy and formal ones.


A good in-between fancy and casual is a suit. It can also be a good talking point between the mentally young and the judgmental ones. For an extra fashionable (and scandalous! Dress up!) touch, ditch any kind of shirt. But if you’re not that comfortable with the idea, a t-shirt can do the trick. Also, if possible, go for sequins.

The Power of the Coat

If you live somewhere cold-ish, and have a beautiful statement coat on your wardrobe, well, then just be comfortable. You can wear a simple black dress or some jeans and let the coat be the star of the look. This can work really nicely if your favorite part is the overeating one.

It’s a statement

A statement piece in general is the best idea if you’re not feeling very inspired clothes-wise or don’t have much time to get ready. A safe trick is pairing said piece with something simple, like a thin black knit or white t-shirt.


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