6 Brands that are still donating to help the Australia Bushfires

Australia is currently going through their worst bushfire ever. At least 24 people died, as well as millions of animals, and 18 million acres of land were burned. In the past 5 days some brands announced they were donating their profits for charities that helped the victims of bushfires.

If you want to help the cause, but your budget (and location) don’t allow it, spreading awareness about what’s happening and why this happens is enough.  But if you look forward to buying a gift or something for yourself, check out these six brands that are still donating their profits to charities helping the bushfires.

Pippa Small Jewellery

Photo: @pippasmalljewellery / Instagram

Pippa Small Jewellery is donating 100% of their profits on the sale of the kangaroo charm.

Eau Club

Photo: @eauclub / Instagram

Until the 12th of January Eau Club will be donating 100% of their profits.

Le Specs

Photo: @lespecs / Instagram

Le Specs will be donating 100% of their profits from lespecs.com.

Krost New York

Krost New York will donate all proceeds from the sales of their Climate Change cropped and L/S tees. Available at their store in Soho, NYC.


Photo: @shopbarrineau / Instagram

Next week Barrineau will be donating 30% of all their sales.

Tony Bianco

Photo: @tonybianco / Instagram

On 11th of January Tony Bianco will be donating 100% of all their profits.


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