Best Dressed from the SAG Awards 2020

The SAG Awards is not as big as the Golden Globes or the Oscars. And that’s one of the reasons why its red carpet has the potential to be one of the most interesting of the season. The Golden Globe is a training ground, the Oscar is very-conservative friendly and the Grammy is still getting out of a rut.

Kaitlyn Dever chose a pink Ralph Lauren dress, and proved that, when in doubt go for something simple and pretty. It is better than to go out looking like a forgotten Christmas gift. Zöe Kravitz chose an Oscar de la Renta inspired by Jackie O (or Kennedy, you choose). Renee Zellweger chose a Maison Margiela dress which is pretty, but not spectacular. But it is nice to see her wearing a brand that is not that popular in Hollywood.

Joey King has been one of the queens of red carpet fashion this season. For the SAG she chose a not so simple black dress by Jason Wu that fitted her body really well (something some brands forget to do). Margaret Qualley went for a monochromatic Chanel that can seem dull at first. But the fun part of her outfits is that it is neither a dress or a repetitive and turned boring suit. Gwendoline Christie chose a dress by Rick Owens, which is also not a popular designer in Hollywood red carpets. What made this outfit interesting was the work done on the fabric, and the fact that she wore multiple rings and matching black nails.

Yvonne Strahovski wore a simple white dress that became interesting because of the cutout. Lili Reinhart chose a Miu Miu black and white ensemble. And Noah Schnapp went with a light blue Balmain suit. He went out of that classic penguin outfit Hollywood male stars like to wear, and is very refreshing and interesting. And one of the reasons why the SAG Awards Red Carpet is cool.


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