12 makeup ideas to try in February

It is very relaxing when you find your ideal daily makeup routine. It makes you feel pretty, powerful and it takes little time and attention, your hands already mastered it. But occasionally it is nice to wear something different or give a little refresh on what you wear every day.

Eyeliners are fun and a classic. It might take some time to (kind of) master the art of applying them, but once you do it… is forever! The black 60s eyeliner is a staple and makes anyone look chic. But since we’re now in the 2020s, let’s also explore other colors, shapes and finishes. Yellow has been strong in clothes for years now. So why not bring to your eyes?

For it not looking weird or unflattering, it is better to wear a product that is vibrant and has good pigmentation.

Warm colors and pink have been strong on the eyes for a good while. But this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t still try it (or continue wearing). A glossy finish makes you look like a summer queen while a metallic eyeshadow can be very sexy.

There are multiple ways you can achieve a natural look. If you like applying makeup, go for products with a dewy finish. To make it a bit more interesting, apply blush and eyeshadow in a color that naturally appears on your face. And the blush needs to be exactly where you blush.

Or you can completely ditch the foundation and/or the 305 makeup steps society told women to do. Just wear something that pleases you, like a bold lipstick or mascara.

Photos: Pinterest


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