5 outfits to inspire your week

Some people love Monday, others don’t. But no matter what your feelings are, here are five outfits to inspire your week.

Maybe it is cold where you live. Maybe you need to deal with extreme air con. Or maybe the weather is acting crazy because of global warming. No matter what you’re going through, the cardigan trend will help you warm up. A neutral colored one is great to keep on your handbag or to create a minimal but chic outfit. If you want something a little less basic, go for a chunkier cardigan or a style with a sophisticated print.

When the temperatures are too high, we usually don’t want to wear an outfit full of details. So the best idea in this case is to go back to the basics. A short sleeved white shirt can go from the office to the beach. And a midi skirt can make you look like a city girl but also Parisian chic. It all depends on the complementary pieces and accessories.

Photos: Pinterest


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