For Brandon Maxwell, simple can be better (as long as it has a great fit)

For his fall 2020 collection, Brandon Maxwell showed that sometimes simple is better (as long as it has a great fit). The designer showcased clothes mainly in neutral colors like black, white and brown, with some dashes of color throughout the collection. Unfortunately, low waist pants made an appearance.

But the fancy cowboy boots helped diverge the attention. Models walked down the runway with knee high cowboy-inspired boots paired with coats, dresses or with pants tucked into them (this trend we approve). In terms of footwear, strappy heels and sneakers also appeared on the catwalk.  

Just as last season, Brandon created a very chic streetwear that was paired with great tailored pieces. The difference is that now everything was even more sophisticated. The denim had a darker wash and less apparent rips, the dresses were more formal and everything was matchy-matchy.

This collection also shows (yet again) a comeback of ‘old-school fashion.’ Brandon Maxwell seems to be taking a page from Céline, heading more into the bourgeois fashion every season. It’s understandable why he would be doing so. Afterall, a brand needs to sell to be able to survive. And young people (unless they were born in a super-rich family and have easy access to such money, or are Hollywood superstars) might not be able to keep paying around 2k per dress. Or US$195,00 for a plain white t-shirt.

Photos: Brandon Maxwell


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