For Fall 2020, Marc Jacobs goes back to the 60s

Photos: Marc Jacobs

For his Fall 2020 collection, Marc Jacobs decided to make a throwback to 1960s and the 1990s (decade the brand was founded). The clothes presented were very chic and pieces Jackie Kennedy (one of the inspirations) would wear, probably even in the same way it was styled on the runway.

At the same time they evoked Jackie, some outfits were also a bit grungy and 90s minimalist. This was a nod to Marc Jacobs (both brand and designer) history. Back in 1992, Jacobs was fired from Perry Ellis because he created a “grunge” collection, which was controversial at the time but is now iconic. A few years later he launched his own brand.

One of the things that made the 60s inspiration so clear was the fact that many pieces recalled iconic pieces of the decade, from the shape of dresses to the mini skirt. The overcoats that looks a lot like a dress also resembles that era. The cardigan and yellow polka dot (that resembles a leopard print), on other hand, seems like pieces Kurt Cobain or Courtney Love would wear.

This collection is the best one presented by Marc Jacobs in years. The presentation was incredible, full of dancers in clothes that matched what the models were wearing, and that danced around the runway and guests. The clothes were not only beautiful and well crafted, but they also make sense for the brand.


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