Chanel Does Something Right for Fall 2020 Couture

Photo Credit: @chanelofficial

Virginie Viard’s collections for Chanel are known to be a bit… bland. For Fall 2020 Couture she decided to add some spice by including touches of punk and reimagining Karl Lagerfeld’s work for the brand. Besides the Kaiser, her other inspiration was Princess Diane de Beauvau-Craon, one of Lagerfeld former muses.

The video presentation was not ideal, since the black and white frames and lightwork made it difficult to see the pieces at times. But the clothes themselves were ok. The plain velvet black dress is very beautiful and commercial, perfect for the Chanel customer and a Hollywood star presenting an award. But the best pieces are the ones made in tweed. The short dresses have the quiet opulence Viard wanted to showcase in this collection, and the jackets are divine.

Photo Credit: @chanelofficial

It was also nice to see elements usually not related to Chanel being embraced, like the punk hairstyle. But, overall, this collection leaves a similar feeling as all other ones created by Viard. Everything seems either so Karl or so Coco, that it’s difficult to see Virginie’s personality. Even when the clothes are not bad or the rework of a staple, it’s difficult fully appreciate anything new by Chanel because the pieces seem to lack personality, a voice from the designer.


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