Viktor & Rolf Explored Emotions for Fall 2020 Couture

Photo Credit: Viktor & Rolf

Viktor & Rolf is a brand known for having a funny approach to fashion. Their pieces regularly go viral and becomes memes. For the Fall 2020 Couture collection they decided to stay true to their DNA.

The designers Viktor Horsting and Rolf Snoeren created three wardrobes, with a nightgown, dressing gown and coat, each inspired by a different state of mind.

Photo Credit: Viktor & Rolf

The first wardrobe was inspired by Anxiety. It featured a nightgown with gray cloud embroideries, a seemingly cozy dressing gown, and the coat of dream to anyone social distancing.

The second wardrobe was inspired by confusion. It featured a gown with emoji embroideries, a pink and yellow night gown, and another coat perfect for social distancing.

Photo Credit: Viktor & Rolf

The third and final wardrobe was inspired by love, and it featured a lot of heart embroideries.

The meme worth piece of this collection were definitely the coats, they make a really good job at showing the need for social distancing and how a lot of people feel during this weird time. What makes this collection good is that it managed to relate the context of when it was created, tell a story, and stay true to the brand’s essence.


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