Christian Cowan Makes a Statement

Photo Credit: @christiancowan / Instagram

The Christian Cowan Spring 2021 collection is a statement. Not only because of the design. Created in partnership with Lil Nas X, the aesthetic was inspired by the queer and punk movements of the 1970s. The result was lots of spiked hair, glitter, crystal, feathers, and clothes created to not be gender specific. Even though volume was an important part of this collection, most pieces had more of a tight fit.

But fashion worked as a means to an end. All the proceeds from this collection will be donated to Loveland Foundation, whose main focus is to provide opportunity and healing to communities of color, specially women and girls in the United States. The founder of Loveland, Rachel Cargle, was actually one of the models for the look book. The modeling cast included LGBTQ+ artists, activists and models such as Hanne Gaby Odiele, Teddy Quinlivan, Marc Jacobs, Lil Nas X and Cowan himself.

Photo Credit: @christiancowan / Instagram


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