Burberry Tells a Love Story Between a Mermaid and a Shark

Photo credit: @burberry / Instagram

The Burberry Spring 2021 collection is called ‘In Bloom’. Riccardo Tisci, the creative director, thought about a love story between a mermaid and a shark. The tale is a metaphor for the events of the past months. It is supposed to reflect the loneliness and desire for freedom many people felt during quarantine.

There is an enormous number of circles, and circular cutouts in the clothes. And it has a good reason behind it. Tisci was thinking about regeneration, and how nature is always recreating, growing and evolving itself. The circles work as the symbol for regrowth, renewal, and the circle of life.

Photo credit: @burberry / Instagram

The under the water inspiration can clearly be seen in the prints, such as the blue and white fish tail motif, and the white dresses do look like something a mermaid would wear. The silver dresses and polo, two Tisci for Burberry classics, did make an appearance. Here they were embellished with crystals.

A lot of the pieces leans more towards the novelty side. There are coats with fins on the back, pants with holes throughout the front, knits with rounded crops. But there are also pieces with the potential for being best sellers. It will be interesting to see how this collection will be styled in the coming months.   

Photo credit: @burberry / Instagram


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