Christopher Kane and his Masterpieces

Photo Credit: @christopherkane / Instagram

The Christopher Kane Spring 2021 collection is art. Literally. During the first British lockdown, Kane went back to a childhood hobby: painting. He started with no goal, just playing with colors, shapes, and using the activity as an emotional reaction to Covid. By the launch of the collection, he had created a selection of abstract pieces, but also portraits of the important women in his life.

Photo Credit: @christopherkane / Instagram

This old hobby became so important to the designer, that he decided to turn the paintings in fabrics. Some of the prints were recreations of the art pieces, and even required the glitter to be hand painted. Less literal versions included a shirt and skirt with colorful uneven paint spots, and a striped shirt dress.

The experience of creating this collection changed the way Christopher Kane wants to move his brand. From now on they will only release something after it was streamlined and edited.

Photo Credit: @christopherkane / Instagram


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