Erdem Time Travelled to the 18th Century

Photo Credit: @erdem / Instagram

The Erdem Spring 2021 collection was full of references and silhouettes from the 18th century. But what inspired Erdem Moralioglu wasn’t the era of the French revolution itself, but Susan Sontag’s historical novel The Volcano Lover.

The result was floral empire dresses, white shirts, and beautiful jackets in fabrics such as jacquard, muslin, and organza. This choice of fabrics is one of the many things that made this collection feel like Erdem, it helped add interest, movement, and a bit of romance to the pieces. But, as it always is with good fashion, the magic is in the details. Some of the fabrics were purposefully crinkled so they could convey a feeling of poor, other pieces were designed in a way to sense resourcefulness. The final product seems like something the main character of the novel might wear, but is also relevant to the client of the brand.

Photo Credit: @erdem / Instagram


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