JW Anderson Is an Example on How to Think Inside the Box

Photo Credit: @jw_anderson / Instagram

The JW Anderson Spring 2021 collection was the second one by the brand presented as a show in a box. Founder and creative director Jonathan Anderson wanted to the viewer to play with the clothes, and have an interactive experience with the presentation. This idea came after he researched conceptual artists such as Richard Tuttle. And it actually does also make sense with the inspiration for the clothes.

Anderson found the quote ‘the secret of life is in art’ by Oscar Wilde and used it as an antidote to design. It motivated him to focus on the brand’s DNA and team work, but also in a way to remember and embrace this moment in history. The result was loose fitting clothes, tailored pieces, and no crazy silhouettes (something that was missed, but not essential). But one thing to pay attention in this collection is the accessories. Both the shoes and specially the handbags are interesting yet very commercial, and have strong potential to becoming best sellers.

Photo Credit: @jw_anderson / Instagram


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