Simone Rocha Created Fashion Magic

Photo Credit: @simonerocha_ / Instagram

The Simone Rocha Spring 2021 collection is one of the best of the brands in a while, it had that magic that makes fashion exciting. The color palette is extremely cohesive and pleasurable to look at, the clothes are true with the brand’s DNA without looking repetitive, and the details (and styling) are to swoon over.

For Rocha, this collection was supposed to be sober and pragmatic. And it is, specially considering her other inspiration: Richard Prince’s erotic book Bettie Kline. The eroticism influence can clearly be seen in the pieces where the pearls and embroideries were placed in the breast area, and also in the one with lace and sheer fabrics.

But there is supporting character that stole the show: the accessories in mother-of-pearl and with pearls. They are romantic in theory, but subversive in its irregular shape and placements.

Photo Credit: @simonerocha_ / Instagram


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