Moschino and the Puppets

Photo Credit: @giampaolosgura for @moschino / Instagram

The Moschino Spring 2021 collection was a celebration of Haute Couture. Because the pandemic made it difficult to host a fashion show, and for the brand to fly supermodels to Milan, Jeremy Scott needed to get creative. So, he looked at Théâtre de la Mode, an event hosted shortly after the end of World War II where couturiers made doll sized garments to showcase.

In true Moschino fashion, the brand’s team went all out for this presentation. They created marionette versions of Scott’s favorite models, and recreated every outfit in miniature version. While the video released was fun to watch, the mini clothes didn’t have a couture finish. And this might actually be on purpose (and a good choice for the brand). Jeremy Scott’s Moschino is known for being quirky, so it is fitting that the doll clothes look like doll clothes.

Photo Credit: @giampaolosgura for @moschino / Instagram


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