Thebe Magugu and his Spies

Photo Credit: @thebemagugu / Instagram

The Thebe Magugu Spring 2021 collection dived into the world of espionage. It all started when the LVMH Prize Winner read the book Betrayal: The secret life of Apartheid Spies by Jonathan Ancer. But the person who provided the details was confessed South African spy Olivia Anne Marie Forsyth.

Magugu reworked pieces that are classically associated and that helped to fetishize spies. Tailoring, harness, sexy feminine dress with a front slit… basically what you would see in a James Bond movie, but better. If you look closely, you’ll see that the polka dots are actually Forsyth’s fingerprints, and the pattern in the blue parka are lines from a polygraph test.

The final product was a multimedia experience. Besides the incredibly beautiful clothes, styled by Ibrahim Kamara, the brand also launched a short film by Kristen-Lee Moolman.

Photo Credit: @thebemagugu / Instagram


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